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English Teachers

High school, Junior high school, Kindergarden, Private school.... Many teachers live in Happy House. Great chance to exchange information!


Many graduate/undergraduate students come to Japan to obtain corporate work experience. First thing to learn is probably how to say Otsukare-sama-deshita!



Some people come to Japan as exchange students and live with us. They provide you with a direct link to Japanese culture and language.


Company Workers

IT engineers, photographers, translators, and chefs... They may be an excellent way to get information about how to get out of English teaching and into a new field.



Japan is always a great place to visit! We highly recommend traveling around Chiba during your stay, and will be glad to help you explore its natural beauty and historical treasures.


Working Holiday

For those of you hoping to find work, the Happy House Team will be happy to point you in the right direction when we can. Although we make no promises, our vast network of contacts is often a great resource for those looking for employment.



We often have guests who come back repeatedly. This always makes us extremely happy, as not only is this the ultimate expression of customer satisfaction, but it is a validation of our efforts to create what we see as the Happy House Family.


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