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No guarantor required:

We do not require any guarantors, but through our screening process, we try to limit entry only to those who seem mature, responsible, and personable.

No key money or realtor fees:

Our philosophy is to keep your costs as low as possible. That’s why our only financial requirement, besides the rent, when moving is a damage deposit of ¥30,000. This amount is FULLY refundable, provided, of course, that you don’t cause damage, and that we receive one month’s prior notice to your leaving date. We are stressing “FULLY” because most places will not give you a full refund.

Clean rooms:

Upon moving in, your rooms will be immaculately cleaned. You would think that this should be obvious, but our experience with various guest houses has shown us otherwise. That’s why we have decided to mention it in this section of the website. Also, although you will be responsible for cleaning your own room once you have moved in, the Happy House Team takes care of cleaning the common areas and taking out the garbage.

Easy access to Central Tokyo:

One of the benefits of living at Happy House is that while your rent is more affordable than living in Central Tokyo, you can still access the cherished Yamanote loop within 20 minutes. For more details on this topic, check out our home page.

No hidden costs:

Unlike many other places, what you see is what you get. Your final price is the listed price plus ¥8000 for utilities. This includes everything: Internet, washer/dryer, magnagement...everything. The apartments, by contrast, require that you pay your own utilities. In addition, we charge ¥2,000/month for ADSL Net services and the dryer will cost you ¥100 for 40 minutes. But that is it. Nothing else. So when you look around for accommodations, make sure to find out about ALL the extra costs. This is very important advice, as these “extras” can easily add up to more than ¥15,000/month. We are not joking about this, so beware.

Easy access to actual owners:

When you stay at Happy House, you have the luxury of dealing directly with the owners of the business. At first glance, this may not seem important, but what it means is that when there is a problem you want fixed, you don’t have to talk to sub managers who don’t have the authority to make any changes.

Screening process:

Although it is impossible to guarantee that everyone you live with at Happy House will be mature, responsible and personable, we are very careful when assessing the people who want to stay with us. In fact, since we have had extensive experience living in guest houses ourselves, we understand very well the need to make sure that the people staying at Happy House are respecting of others in the house. This is a core philosophy with us. In other words, people before profits.


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