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Funabashi House (2 rooms available as of Jan 2018)

    This Funabashi guesthouse (share house) shares a special place in our hearts as it is the original Happy House. Lots of good memories with hundreds of housemates / room mates. The layout is as follows. There are two floors to this building, with 4 private bedrooms on each floor. Each floor also has its own kitchen / living room, 2 toilets, and 1 shower room. So, over all, there are 8 bedrooms, 2 kitchen /living, 2 shower rooms and 4 toilets. In addition, both floors have a washing machine. Laundry dryer is in the 2nd floor for everyone in this share house to use. All private rooms are equipped with semi double size bed which is wide enough for 2 people to sleep.
     If you’re into shopping, then this is the place for you. Lalaport, a 500-store mall, is less than 10 minutes away by foot. Not bad when you consider that people drive for 2 or 3 hours to go there on weekends. Next to Lalaport is another sizable mall "VIVIT", plus there is a huge IKEA store a couple of minutes away on the other side. And another big supermarket called "OK", which named as No.1 supermarket by research as of June 2017, is located in the same area. Funabashi is the 2nd largest city in Chiba with more than 600,000 population and offer so many things for your need.
   In terms of train convenience, you can’t beat this location. You’ve got the JR's Sobu Yokosuka line, Keisei Line, Tobu Line from Funabashi station, and JR Musashino, Keiyo, from Minami-Funabashi station, and Tozai Lines from Nishi Funabashi station to choose from. The Keisei Line in particular is very close. You are literally one minute away by foot. Very easy access to central Tokyo and places in Chiba

Room1 Room 2 Room4 Room 4
Common area w/ PC desk 5min to malls walkable to IKEA
House Features

  • Highspeed wifi
  • Washer/Dryer/Iron
  • Microwave/Toaster and other cooking tools
  • CATV in the livingroom
  • Semi double size bed (120cm wide)
  • Air conditioning
  • Furnished room
  • PC desk & chair
  • Wifi connection @room


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2~3 minutes walk from Keisei Daijingu-shita station. 15 min walk from JR Funabashi station, Keisei Funabashi station and Tobu Noda line Funabashi station. 15 min walk from JR Minami-funabashi station. JR Lines include Sobu, Sobu Rapid, Musashino, and Keiyo lines. Very easy access to places in Chiba and Tokyo.

Room Information

Apt # Price Size
101 47,000 yen 5.5-mat bedroom
102 53,000 yen 6-mat bedroom
103 53,000 yen 6-mat bedroom
105 53,000 yen 6-mat bedroom
201 49,000 yen 5.5-mat bedroom
202 55,000 yen 6-mat bedroom
203 55,000 yen 6-mat bedroom
205 55,000 yen 6-mat bedroom

*Utility fees are 10,000 yen extra per month.
*A refundable deposit of 30,000yen is required.
*Fee, up to one more person to share the room, is 10,000yen/month.

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