Guest house in Ichikawa/Funabashi, Chiba - Tokyo Happy House !!!

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090-1437-5417 (Kengo)


How it Works?


   Here are the simple steps to move into Happy House! Happy House makes it easy for those who are coming to Japan for the first time. All of our apartments and rooms at guest houses are fully furnished with everything you'll need, including wireless Internet connection and English programming on TV.
   Really, all you need to move in are the clothes on your back, a towel, toothbrush, and shampoo. Oh yeah... You’ll also need a bit of money.
Step 1

Are you looking for a place to stay? No idea where to go?
All places sound the same?

Step 2

Pick up the phone or email us!

We’ll be happy to answer
all your questions!

Step 3

Come and check our places out!

Meet some of the cool people staying with us!

Step 4

Once you’ve decided to move in, please call or email us to confirm availability. To reserve a room, we will need a 30,000 yen refundable deposit through
either ..


1. Paypal:

2. Bank Transfer:

For Residents in Japan:
Tokyo Bay Shinkin
Branch# 017
Customer# 0345498
Account# 3557333
Account name: Yugen Kaisha Abikyan (Abikan Inc.) Kengo Otsuki

For Residents Overseas:
Please ask for instruction by


Step 5

Welcome to
Happy House!!

Please let us know your move-in date so we will be ready for you on time. Also keep in mind that we will need a copy of your passport or resident ID card.

Enjoy your stay!!


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