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Ichikawa House 2

    When people move into this guesthouse, they never move out. Invariably, they usually fall in love with the friendly neighbors, the quiet area, nearby parks, and of course the cheap prices.
    This monthly rental share style house itself has also much to offer. First of all, it has a very spacious common area consisting of total about 20 mats of dining/kitchen/living space + sun-room on the second floor. This area is completely set apart from the 7 bedrooms, of which 5 are on the first floor, with the other 2 on the second floor, but in a separate part of the house. There is one toilet and one shower room on each floor, so usually no waiting for people.
    One more thing that separates it from the other houses is the Internet connection; the other houses are fast, but this one uses optic fiber, so it is extremely fast. As for the rest of the amenities, a quick look at the list below will tell you all you need to know.
    Because the house is located about 20 minutes by foot from both the Keisei and JR lines, we are providing all tenants with a bicycle, with the provision that an small deposit be paid.

Room1 Room 2 Room4 Room 4
Quiet neibourhood w/ big window RM105: 1LDK Common space @2F
House Features

  • Furnished bedroom
  • Washer/Dryer/Iron
  • Microwave/Toaster
  • Western style toilets
  • CATV in the livingroom
  • Semi double size bed (120cm wide)
  • Air conditioning
  • Wireless connection @room
  • PC desk & chair
  • Non smoking in the house


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20 min walk from Keisei Ichikawa-mama station. 25 min from JR Ichikawa station. You can also take bus #41, #42, #43 and #44 from Ichikawa station at the North Exit. Get off at "Suwada".


Room Information

Apt # Price Size Status Nationality
101 42,000 yen Equivalent to 5-mat size wooden floor bedroom Ask for satus  
102 42,000 yen Equivalent to 5-mat size wooden floor bedroom Ask for status  
103 47,000 yen 6-tatami mat Japanese style bedroom Ask for status  
104 53,000 yen 8-tatami mat Japanese style bedroom Ask for status  
105 62,000 yen 7-tatami mat Japanese style bedroom, 6-mat size wooden floor kitchen Ask for status  
201 45,000 yen Equivalent to 5-mat size wooden floor bedroom Ask for status  
202 47,000 yen Equivalent to 5.5-mat size wooden/carpet covered floor bedroom Ask for status  

*Utilities are 10,000 yen extra per month.
*Minimum stay 1 month required
*A refundable deposit of 30,000yen is also required.
*Each extra person is 10,000yen/month.

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