What to Eat and Drink in Singapore

What to Eat and Drink in Singapore

6th April 2018 0 By admin

The places where foodies meet are the Michelin-starred restaurants, but there is also a diverse list of must-tries, such as time-tested hawker heroes. Of course, you can drag your fork through Eggs Benedict by choosing from a range of top-notch restaurants with quirky cocktail inventions, but where is the fun in that? A classic kopitiam can be enjoyed at Hua Bee Restaurant, with old-school coffee with butter melted in, as well as Chin Mi Chin Confectionary, with kopi served in a prewar shophouse.

With a large influx of the expat community, the city is speckled with fusion restaurants as well as cheap eats, and a visit to a hawker center should be top of your list. Earning itself a spot as one of Asia’s top bars, the award-winning Tippling Club has launched an originally distilled liquor featuring juniper and angelica root, as well as other ingredients, using the gin in signature cocktails. Singapore is a food paradise and it can be certainly stated that you haven’t been here if you haven’t had some specific dishes.

When talking about rooftop bars with a view, given the limited space in Singapore, we are actually talking about buildings which are built higher, offering gorgeous views of the city skyline. Every meal brings along a new atmosphere, and if you’re passionate about food, a connoisseur, a baker, a mixologist, or a tastemaker, you’ll simply fall in love with Singapore. For a romantic date, bars such as CE LA VI Singapore offer the best view as well as delicious food. This is a modern Asian restaurant with indoor dining, fusion cuisine by award-winning chefs without a doubt a good place to enjoy the Singapore view.

For a guaranteed good feed try char kway teow as a starting point for our food journey. If you’re looking for food bargains, try the Asia-Pacific Food, as the local love of the culinary arts is a huge boon for worth-it splurges. Then, you might lick your fingers if you do decide to try out the king of fruits, durian, in Geylang, at one of the roadside stalls.

A seafood feast must definitely include chili crab, an iconic dish in a fantastic sauce, not too fiery, with tomato. Although there are some typical things to drink in Singapore, it’s remarkable that such a tiny island nation can cover so many modern mash-ups. If you are traveling to Asia and want to drink your way through Singapore, you should know that recently, the Singaporean cocktail scene has exploded, along with not-to-be-missed food.

Hainanese chicken rice, synonymous with Singapore, is a national dish that consists of a simple combo of chicken with rice, a comfort food that sometimes includes kecap manis and a garlic and chili sauce. It has a gelatinous appearance and a mix of temperatures, with its hot rice and room temperature chicken, which create strange feelings in the mouth. From $5 dosa to $150 Champagne brunch, there are many places where you can also get to enjoy Singaporean local coffee, as well.