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Ichikawa Area

Ichikawa Station

JR Sobu Rapid as well as local train access at JR Ichikawa Station. Many grocery stores, hair salons, massage shops, book stores, drug stores, foreign grocery stores, 100 yen stores, UNIQLO, restaurants, and convenience stores around this area. Also, international restaurants and many wine bars are available.

Ichikawa station

One of the Twin Towers right next to JR Ichikawa station offers a 45th floor observatory for FREE. Go to the tower on the Tokyo side and take a see-through elevator from the 3rd floor near City's library at Ichikawa station. Open: 9am - 9pm, Closed on first Monday every month, Dec 29 - Jan 3

Entrance fee: Free

Satomi Park

This park was built as the memorial of a battle in the Muromachi Period. You will be surprised how many people come to this place around cherry blossom season. Bring your drinks and sheets to sit down and enjoy.
Entrance fee: Free

Open: 9am-5pm daily

Satomi Park

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Motoyawata Area

Motoyawata Station

JR Sobu Local train access at the station. Subway Toei Shinjuku line is 1 min away by foot. Karaoke, grocery stores, convenience stores, fast food, drug stores and many restaurants are at both north and south exits of the station. Free shuttle goes to Colton Shopping mall from the north exit.

Motoyawata station
Colton Plaza Shopping Mall

Movie theater, book store, drug store, Muji, Toys'r'us, Starbucks, MacDonald, clothes stores, groceries, food court and many restaurants including Indian, Italian, Japanese, Chinese are available.

Toho Cinemas offers late night discounts after 8pm.

Colton Plaza
Ichikawa Central Library

English / Korean / Chinese books and magazines are available. Anyone can use this facility, but you need to be a resident of Ichikawa city or your work needs to be in Ichikawa city to borrow books or use Internet.
Closed on Mondays, last Friday of every month.

Open 10am - 5pm, except Friday 10am - 7pm

Ichikawa Library
Hachiman Shrine

It is said to have been established in the Kanpei Period (889-898). There is a famous 1200 year-old Ginko tree, designated as a national monument.
Local festival starts on Sep 15.

Yawata Shrine
Ichikawa station Ichikawa Botanical & Zoological Parks

Located 15min bike ride from Motoyawata station.Bus from the station is also available on weekends. Late November through early December is the best time to visit Autumn leave garden. Zoo (420yen to enter) has many small animals including lesser pandas.

Boatnical garden

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Funabashi Area

Funabashi Station

JR Sobu line Rapid as well as Local train access to JR Ichikawa station. Also, Tobu Noda line and Keisei line are availalbe. There are Tobu/Seibu department stores, Loft, Ito-Yokado, as well as many grocery stores, hair salons, massage, book stores, drug stores, foreign grocery store, 100yen stores, and UNIQLO. Of course many bars and restaurants are available.

Funabashi station
Lalaport Shopping Mall

5 min from Tokyo Happy House Funabashi House.

This is a quite large shopping mall including 500 stores, which you may not finish to visit through by one day. TOHO CINEMAS and Krispy Kreme are also available here!

Vivid Square Shopping Mall

This is a competitor of Lalaport shopping mall, standing right next to each other. Less stores than lalaport, but more local-friendly shops are available such as rental video shop, bicycle shop, electric shop, supermarket and music lessons.

Vivid Square

Located in walking distance from Happy House Funabashi, IKEA offers fashionable and reasonablly-priced items for your room. This place also serves WiFi connection and Swedish style meal and snacks at cafe.

Altenative way to spend your time with laptop PC.


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Day Trip

Mount Nokogiri

Mount Nokogiri (Nokogiri Yama) is a low mountain on the west side of Bōsō Peninsula in Chiba, Japan. There are 1500 hand-carved arhat sculptures and view of hell, as well as Daibutsu sculptures. About 90 min from Happy House by train. Take off at JR Uchibo line, Hamakanaya st.

Mount Takao

Mout Takao is a popular place to visit for city people. Easiest access from Tokyo area and beautiful enough to forget about exhausting daily life. There is even a beer garden in summer!!! Cable car is also availble if you do not want to walk at all. Take off at Keio line, Takao-Yamaguchi st.


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